Our Breeding Philosophy


BluNote's "Be" Litter
Born 3/31/00

Ch. Cando's Glacier Express NDD, HCT, CGC


Can/Am Dual Versatility Dog
Ch. Ursamajor's Stellar Bandit CD, DD, NA


We choose to follow strict parameters for our breeding program. Our breeding animals must have hip, elbow and shoulder certification at a minimum of 24 months old, and pass a minimum of bi-yearly eye exams. Males and females must also pass thyroid screening panels. No female will be bred before 2-1/2 ears old, and no male will be bred before 3. These are very slow maturing dogs, and we feel it is important to know the true quality and makeup of the dog at its full development before breeding. These standards apply to our own dogs, as well as to any dog which we choose to use in our breeding program. When choosing breeding partners, we prefer to use stud dogs that are 5 years or older as an added indication of good health and, hopefully, longevity.


Our first concern in researching a breeding is the health of the dogs involved, their immediate siblings and parents, and the pattern of overall well-being in the two pedigrees. Structural concerns (hips, elbows, movement) are the next highest in importance, as soundness in structure is the first step to quality of life for your dog. Longevity is hit or miss in this breed, and we can only try to improve that by minimizing the redundance in pedigrees of the various health issues which affect our dogs. Temperament is also an important consideration in every breeding choice.


AS A WORD OF CAUTION: Breeders are not yet able to breed out hip, elbow, shoulder, eye, allergy or cancer problems in our dogs. We can only try to breed the best possible dogs through research, observation and experience. We also cannot always control the way in which you choose to raise your dog, including exercise regimens, diet, vaccination schedules, and exposure to toxic elements and carcinogens in the environment. As a breeder, we can advise you about our own dogs, our own breeding choices, and our own concerns over how to raise a Berner, but we cannot guarantee that you will never incur future problems. NO BREEDER CAN!


Our puppies are sold on written contracts, as Show Potential and Companion quality. Companion quality dogs are required to be spayed or neutered and are sold on AKC Limited Registration only. Every puppy we produce is a continuing member of our breeding program, as they provide us the information we need to make educated decisions in our future breeding practices. Therefore, we are very particular about the homes which adopt our puppies, in order to maintain an open channel of communication throughout the lives of these dogs. Our goal is to place every puppy in a home that will treat them as a member of the family, with the love and care that they need to lead productive and happy lives. Our dogs should always be family pets first, whether Show or Companion quality!






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